Flood & Fire Restoration

Professional Restoration

After experiencing a flood or fire, you want life to feel normal again as soon as possible. Working with you and your insurer, we can restore and revitalise your carpets, walls, ceilings and all fire affected areas, ridding them from odour, soot, and potentially erroneous material. Our team are biohazard experts and are dedicated to ensuring your home is restored safely and professionally. Need some restoration after a flood or fire? Call the experts today!

Post Flood

You all know that smell: mouldy, damp and permeating – the odour of flood affected areas is offensive and can be dangerous. Especially prevalent in carpet, water damage can be putrid, foul and a prime breeding ground for bacteria.

To ensure your building is restored professionally and promptly we work closely with your insurer to meet all your requirements! We will restore your living spaces to a pristine state: free from mould, infection, or odour.

Call us today for the cleanest, driest, and safest building clean post-flood.

Fire Damage

The effects of a fire can hang around long after the embers have settled.

Soot and ash from fires can leave a nasty discolouration and odour that can cause asthma sufferers to have full-blown asthma attacks. Melted synthetic carpet & curtains, smoke and fire damaged walls & ceilings, all can render your building unlivable, foul, and dangerous.

Our team will removing, restore and repair, to ensure your building is returned to a pristine, healthy state. Through an in-depth and penetrating clean, we can get the burnt odour out of your living space and more importantly out of your lungs.

Call a professional restoration team today to restore your fire ravaged property.

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The professional cleaners at All-Ways notice the finer details, and a quality clean is more affordable than you may think. For a free no-strings-attached quote, contact us today.

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