Biohazard Cleanup

When The Mess Causes A Health Risk, It’s Time To Call Biohazard Cleaning Specialists.

Our certified technicians can handle the jobs others won’t. Using PPE and superior biohazard decontamination equipment, we effectively disinfect bacteria and viruses. Our team clean up materials that may pose a serious health hazard. Just a few of the bio hazards we clean include:


  • Blood and bodily fluid disinfection

  • Virus decontamination and protection

  • Crime scene cleaning

  • Hoarding cleaning

  • Sewage clean and sanitization

  • Odour control

Traumatic Event Cleanup

Life can get messy sometimes. For the hard times in life, our house cleaning services after death will ensure a property is decontaminated thoroughly. Our team are discreet and sensitive to handle these tricky situations with tact and respect for the victims.

If the event is covered by insurance, we can arrange direct billing for a smooth and efficient service.

Sewage Leakage

A sewage backup isn’t just unpleasant – it should also be considered an emergency with urgent action needed. The water can be host to a number of viruses and bacteria with serious health implications.

Our team are equipped with specialist cleaning equipment and PPE to handle the job.


Anyone who has seen the realities of hoarding knows it is much more serious than reality TV. Hoarders don’t just collect knick-knacks; they often hoard biological waste such as rubbish, feces, urine, and chemicals. Animal waste may also be a problem for hoarders.

Our team can discretely offer a thorough cleanse of a hoarder’s environment. We will sort through the items and waste and arrange for waste removal. A thorough cleanse, disinfection and odour-removal will be undertaken to restore a hoarder’s space to a livable standard.

Mould & Mildew

Many kiwis have lived in a leaky home – it’s a sad reality of life in New Zealand. These homes are all over the country and one of the tell-tale signs is mould and mildew. Mould can also be a result of poor ventilation.

Mould doesn’t just damage property; it can also have significant health implications. When you live in an environment with a mould problem, you are constantly breathing in the spores. Theses spores can produce allergens and irritants that can cause respiratory problems.

We offer mould remediation and restoration. Professional mould removal ensures a safe environment for family using strict cleaning procedures.


A clean place is a safe place. Call now.

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